Throughout my many years as a broker/manager, I have been a featured speaker at conventions and company training seminars.  I help agents develop listening skills and help them understand the principles involved with selling real estate in a caring and ethical way.  

It is a very common knee jerk reaction to interject our opinions and comments almost before the buyer or seller is done talking about their needs. With my background being in psychology and having many institute degrees, I have been able to teach agents how important it is to listen to the needs of the client and how to direct the conversation by asking the right questions.  Agents should never think commission, but to understand that they will get paid when the job is well done and the client happy.  Listening is a skill that must be honed and perfected until it comes naturally.  There are skill sets.

A good listener will accomplish the goal of finding the perfect house for the client without wasting their time.  A good listener shows they care and the client can trust them to meet their needs. A good listener becomes a friend instead of just a sales associate.  I often think of it this way:  Pretend each client is wearing a big sign around their neck that says, “Make ME feel important”.  This way the agent realizes that this is NOT about them…but about one of the most important decisions the client is going to make. When we listen….we learn.